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Transformation Package

Online Training

Customized Online Training Program:

Lacking motivation or direction with your fitness goals? 

Want to get in the best shape physically and mentally?

Studies show that people in better shape physically, are much more likely to be successful in relationships, earning more money at work and in life.

Let us help you reach your goals, here is what you get:

  • 1. Customized nutrition program plan based on your goals, lifestyle and physique.

  • 2. Training plan tailored towards your goals

  • 3. Cardio program

  • 4. Supplemental Advice

  • 5. Self Myofascial Release Guide

  • 6. Postural Correction

  • 7. Regular progress tracking through photos and measurements

  • 8. Adjustments to diet and training program if/when required

  • 9. Email support

We will also adjust your program during this period if necessary according to the new circumstances. We will analyze the execution of the lifts, and will give you explanations over the technique demonstrated by you, as well as his specific suggestions on how to improve your performance. The feedback may include also diagrams, pictures, or other short videos that might be useful for you.

Client Testimonials